Puma FTD

Puma FTD

Since 2003, we have been on an innovation tear, opening fresh eyes to Bass Cat. The redesigned Puma FTD stretches out with the latest revision in today’s popular model. Everyone knows what the Puma brought in 2005, and this new Puma FTD enchases that. The 20’ hull got a face lift in 2011 with the BCB strip softened and “mini bolt” added to the evolved 20’4” frame. Performance expectations of the Bass Cat “Family” are lofty, and we think we have accomplished that with more than just a growl in the throaty bass rig.

Bass Cat Bass Boat Puma FTD Rockdale Boat MartIn 2013 we inserted a wider casting deck that everyone has enjoyed. We just bumped that 5’ by 5’ (5x5) deck up a few inches. It’s not too large of a deck to be a nimble platform, as front decks are work spaces. The bow had to move into tight spots with efficiency. From Ozarks boat docks to Sam Rayburn thickets, it should have no problems, yet is still broad enough to fish the open water of Lake Erie.

The layout provides storage in the front console with seven (7) compartments, and 11 storages total, including a scabbard for your dip net. BCB models are tools right down to the flip up mooring cleat for clocking. The only gimmick is the lighted LED acrylic hand rails, which are just plain cool!

We can go on and on about access to pumps, simple fueling, and more. Go experience the efficiency of a Puma FTD and understand the attention to detail others overlook, as everything has reason. Sure, it’s simple stuff. Thought it is the simple stuff that matters to you in a world of competitive angling.

  • Category:
  • Model Year:
  • Length Overall:
    20’ 4”
  • Beam:
  • Approximate Weight:
    1825 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:
    52 gal
  • Recommended Horsepower:
    Max H.P. Range: 200-300
  • Min. Storage Length:
  • With Swing Away Tongue:

Rockdale Boat Mart has a large number of new and used boats and outboard motors in stock, and they provide repair services to keep your engine and motor running. If you have any questions about their services or the products they offer, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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