Wow! This is all some say when they see the beauty in the lines of the new Eyra. The Eyra was a model which set the trend for the rounder designs of the 1980s and 90s, and this design is no different. Much like the Jaguar, this boat was sidelined until the design deserved the innovation respect of that first Eyra. This model has earned the name as an award-winning bass boat with styling that is quite unconventional. A new 20’2” hull was designed to allow the Eyra to perform from a 200 to a 250 pizzazz or performance, thus being labeled a bridge boat. 

Bass Cat Bass Boat Eyra Rockdale Boat MartThis side cowl scoops for venting bring out the muscle car days of the Mustang, Cobra, GTX, GTO, Camaro, and Cuda. Lines on the boat include inlayed fish on the outer deck panels, forward of recessed deck corners, to prevent dock rash. The hull has inlays for concave inserts as does the deck. You’ll even find a panel inlayed to hold your registration numbers. Not much was left out in styling and the layout is also unique. The cockpit is tighter and lower to bring the driver down in the boat, giving you a more secure feeling. The potential is soon understood once you throttle up!

Coffin opening center doors run in line to the rod boxes. They have a notch chock for tackle boxes to stand on edge, separated by the net trough in the center compartment. The humble hull is quick to impress, as it carves the turns with ease, and clicks by your friends on a brisk morning. Triable live wells are the massive replicas of the FTD line, and the aft storages resemble those models. The rear access is quite different, as there is a special place for a tool box and oil tank. The introduction of the prototype at the 2010 Classic was overwhelming in positive feedback. It was Trailer Boats most innovative design in 2011. 

The Eyra is truly a work of art. There is not enough space here to fill the niceties of the Eyra, it niches itself well.

  • Category:
  • Model Year:
  • Length Overall:
  • Beam:
  • Approximate Weight:
    1715 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:
    52 gal
  • Recommended Horsepower:
    Max H.P. Ranger: 175-285
  • Min. Storage Length:
  • With Swing Away Tongue:
    22’5” (Add 4” for Yamaha Outboards)
  • Special Order Hull:

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