Cougar Advantage

Cougar Advantage

Every company needs a boat that cuts a switch, changes the horn, eases back on pumps or changes, somehow, to make a more affordable product. This best describes the Cougar Advantage model. It is a better buy than most any product out there today. When teamed up with a 225 engine, you can save on the price tag, and pass many bruising their egos, and that of their 250 hp engines.

Bass Cat Bass Boat Cougar Advantage Rockdale Boat MartThe Cougar Advantage is all most anglers would need for going fishing. It focuses on those club level family anglers who spend a day on the water Saturday, and are back at work on Monday, after Sunday church of course. This model only comes as a package version with engines attached. We strive to make every agreement count to put it in your garage at a price you can afford.

Every aspect of the construction is Bass Cat through and through with that same attention to detail. Little things like White Cap locks instead of Southco, and plastic grated horns instead of stainless steel directional are examples of the difference in the equipment of this model. The fuel is 36 gallons with a 26 on one side, and 10 gallon tank on the opposing side. Of course, you can option out of many items that are standard on the Premium packages. 

If you are stretching to find that big rig with a position all its own, you should check out the new Cougar Advantage package. 

  • Category:
  • Model Year:
  • Length Overall:
    20’ 4”
  • Beam:
  • Approximate Weight:
    1835 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:
    36 Gal
  • Recommended Horsepower:
    Max H.P. Range: 200-300
  • Min. Storage Length:
  • With Swing Away Tongue:
    23’0” (Add 4” for Yamaha Outboards)

Rockdale Boat Mart has a large number of new and used boats and outboard motors in stock, and they provide repair services to keep your engine and motor running. If you have any questions about their services or the products they offer, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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