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We Build Dreams…It’s a Family Tradition!

Dreams are what give us our futures, and memories open our hearts. Ron’s first dream of a hand built boat was stored on the front porch of his parents’ home. He ran it with his grandfather’s outboard, usually without Grandad Bill knowing it. Well, he pretended as if he never knew! That old wooden boat was simply the start of many memories which would unfold over time, and fostered by those who cared. 

That “Family” is never more present than our Owner’s Board, where they exhibit a character we are extremely proud of! They want to help as much as we do! They are out most important staff, our most valuable asset, and the real “Family. Their families are also part of this, and we have truly been blessed with that dedication and support.

We said before, inane industry you either lead, evolve, or die. Leading is all we know to do and we continue to do so, in hopes that perhaps someday all of our grandchildren can all be a part of this.




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Rockdale Boat Mart has a large number of new and used boats and outboard motors in stock, and they provide repair services to keep your engine and motor running. If you have any questions about their services or the products they offer, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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