XB-21 BasSport Pro

XB-21 BasSport Pro

The BasSport Pro, the result of nine years of research and development, gives the professional fisherman more features, conveniences, and innovations than all other bass boat brands combined.  When it comes to Performance, Efficiency, Comfort, Convenience, Versatility, Durability, and Fishability, the BasSport Pro beats the competition in all categories!

Casting Decks: The 9 ft. long front deck is carpeted and has over 43 sq. ft. of casting area. An integral aluminum frame supports the front deck with a welded-in pedestal seat mount. To maximize comfort and control, a unique trolling motor foot pedal well is incorporated into a wider-than usual forward deck. The trolling motor, mounted to a laminated-in aluminum plate, runs fore and aft rather than diagonal to the bow. This not only gives better visibility and aerodynamics, but also saves your back since it easily raises and lowers in and out of the water with only one hand. The 28 sq. ft. rear deck is accessed by a handy step-up between the seats. The deck extends around both sides of the engine, which allows the fisherman more room to better access the fish. Servicing the engine or climbing on board from the water is also easier. The large flotation pods stabilize and float the rear of the boat high enough to keep the rear deck dry when coming off plane. A port side rod tray with tubes plus a starboard-side tube are incorporated into the deck giving quick access to rods without having them under foot.

Livewell: The state-of-the-art 38-gallon divided livewell has rounded corners providing maximum circulation. It has available dual fresh water and recirculator cartridge pumps that pull from opposite sides. The automatic system pumps-in fresh water when fishing and re-circulates it when the boat is on plane. Air is injected directly into the water through an underwater outlet. The recirculator pump can also be used to pump water out of the livewell when needed. Allison’s exclusive flush-out drain allows a full livewell to be emptied in seconds, making flushing and cleaning much easier.

XB-21 BasSport Pro Exclusive Features

  • Acceleration
  • Hole Shot
  • Gas Mileage
  • Fishing Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Superior Ride
  • Wind Protection
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Cost of ownership
  • Durability
  • Load carrying ability

Construction: The world’s fastest and most efficient bass boat is also the most durable. The XB-21 BasSport Pro features an exclusive rot proof unibody all-composite construction consisting of the finest materials available: Marine Resin, NPG gel coat, Biaxial fiberglass, Kevlar, High density PVC foam cored hulls, decks & floors, and a unique fiberglass stringer system. The high density PVC cored transom with its exclusive structural aluminum frame is rot-proof and virtually indestructible with 6 stainless steel studs mounting a powder-coated adjustable jack plate. (Engine is also mounted with 6 bolts)

Designed specifically for the professional bass fisherman, the new XB-21 is packed with features and accessories to provide the most incredible boating experience. This next generation of the XB-21 BasSport Pro is fast, fun and functional! Loyal Allison owners know that if you want speed and versatility, the XB-21 is THE BOAT for you. We’ve engineered even more into this new boat than ever before. The new XB-21 gets more than double the fuel mileage. It also features exclusive quick-draw rod storage for a clutter free deck, more storage than previous models and a ride you will not believe! In addition to offering all the normal features of any tournament bass boat, the XB-21 BasSport Pro has more exclusive, innovate features than any other bass boat! With this boat, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Allison Exclusive Features:

  • The Allison High Performance (AHP) Hydraulic Steering system is especially designed for performance with maximum sensitivity and safety. The aluminum/ foam-grip sport steering wheel and twin column trim switches are standard.
  • The Allison Hot foot throttle has the throttle cable top mounted and neatly out of the way.
  • The Allison muscle car styled shifter not only changes gears smooth and comfortable: it looks great.
  • The standard Allison jack plate is black powder coated and has adjustable setback as well as vertical adjustment. Hydraulic jack plate is optional.
  • Hole-shots are 3-seconds with the patented Allison “Skid-planer”. This fantastic device helps the boat to plane at only a touch of the throttle, hold plane at only 18 MPH, and plane without the need to trim the engine under.
  • Aerodynamic docking lights put light where it is needed for docking and loading on the trailer.
  • (Adjustable headlights for night-running are optional and can be adjusted from the driver seat) A built-in horn sounds-off at the bow rather than blasting the driver out of his seat.
  • A built-in adjustable fire extinguisher holder gives instant access to your fire extinguisher.
  • A built-in double-walled 38-quart ice cooler will hold 2- liter bottles and will keep ice for days.
  • A passenger-side glove box is carpeted and has a built-in radio panel. The twin console model comes with an attractive automotive style lid, a 12-volt receptacle, and also has a built-in radio panel.
  • There is a built-in trash receptacle under the step-up between the seats. Its 5 gallon container has a potty seat, is easy to maintain, and has many other uses as well.
  • The built-in Trolling motor battery compartment is located mid-ship, with easy access, and accepts up to group 31 batteries. Its short no. 6 battery leads increase trolling efficiency for added battery life. The optional sliding battery cover includes a handy tool and accessory box.
  • A unique trolling motor foot pedal well is molded into the front deck. The pedal is flush and level with the deck when trolling straight forward for maximum comfort and control.
  • The main battery position has easy access in the compartment behind the passenger. The optional master switch and fuse panel are located in the lockable compartment behind the driver.


The BasSport Pro comes on a heavy-wall, channel-frame, single-axle trailer. This high quality custom trailer has disc brakes, LED lighting, oil filled bearings and optional stainless steel fenders, aluminum  wheels, spare tire and galvanize.

View the brochure for the E-Ped. /E-Ped-page.pdf

The BasSport Pro has more standard equipment, variety of unique features, innovations, and conveniences than all other bass boat brands combined.

Compartments: With over 70 cu. ft. of volume, the BasSport Pro has more rod storage, more tackle storage, more organized storage, and more convenience storage than any other bass boat. All lids have waterproof, flush mounted locks that automatically latch securely when they are closed. Pneumatic lid supports are standard.

Rod & Tackle: Allison offers the most rod storage and versatility with 3 types of storage for up to 30 rods. (1.) Organized storage with holders and tubes, (2.) Quick-draw storage allows 5-second access to rods while protecting and keeping them from under foot until needed, and (3.) Bulk storage making it a snap to bundle all rods, stash them in the compartment, and dash back to the weigh-in. Additional quick-draw and other rod storage in the port side compartment can be ordered to almost double the rod storage capacity. A variety of Tackle boxes and trays are designed to hang just under the lids of 5 compartments with up to 12 positions. Other tucked away tackle and accessory boxes are available.

Driver console: The security of an adjustable deep bucket seat, the best wind protection, total instrument visibility, and the best driver ergonomics makes the BasSport Pro the most comfortable of any bass boat. Customize the amount of wind protection with a choice of a short or tall windshield. (Order both for versatility)

Electronics: A fish-finder is available at the bow up to 12″.  A GPS fishfinder (up to 9″) is available in the instrument panel. It is a fish-finder, depth gauge, a full-navigational GPS, and serves as the boat’s GPS speedometer.

Instruments: A full set gauges is available.

Smart-Craft gauges: Engine monitor gauge, Link Tach, water pressure, water temperature, trim, and fuel are available.

Only Allison has fully adjustable bucket seats for comfort, security, and control. The driver’s seat is mounted on a slide-adjuster and the passenger seat has a two-position seat mount. The passenger seat can also be pedestal-mounted for fishing on the front or rear casting deck. Fold down fishing seats are available as exchange for the driver and passenger seats.

The XB-21 BasSport Pro is available in a choice of standard base gelcoat colors (white or a light color) with a choice of a trim color (second color) on the hull sides, hull and deck wings, and console(s). The interior is leather-grain texture and coordinates with seat colors. Special colors, black on the consoles, as well as other color combinations including the Elite three-color gelcoat are optional.

Black or any dark base color is not available. A choice of Beechnut burl (wood grain) or Laser wave (carbon fiber) is available on all dash and trim panels.

*Standard equipment subject to change.

Carpet Color Options





  • Category:
  • Model Year:
  • Length Overall:
  • Beam:
  • Approximate Weight:
    1280-1350 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity:
    36 gal
  • Live Well:
    38 gal
  • Storage:
    Over 70 cu. ft.
  • Front Deck:
    9′ long- 43 sq. ft.
  • Rear Deck:
    28 sq. ft.
  • Rod Storage:
    26+ rods
  • Built-in Cooler:
    38 qts

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