250 HP

3.0L 250 HP

Fuel Your Competitive Spirit

Reliable, versatile, and a great value.

  • Engine type V-6
  • Displacement (L) 3.0
  • Full throttle RPM 5500-6000
  • Steering Big Tiller Compatible, Remote
  • Dry weight *Lightest model available 505 lbs / 229 kg

Key Features

Proven Technology.

More than a decade of reliable Mercury® OptiMax® performance is testimony to a great design. Low-pressure Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) delivery, corrosion-resistant alloys and finishes, and rugged components keep Mercury OptiMax outboards on the water, season upon season.

Fuel Economy.

Atomized fuel is injected directly into each combustion chamber, backed by a precise charge of compressed air, and the fuel / air mixture is directed toward the spark plug by a uniquely shaped piston. The result is more-complete combustion for outstanding economy and smoke-free emissions.


No outboard in its class weighs less than the Mercury® 250hp OptiMax®. That helps create amazing hole-shot acceleration, increased top speed and overall efficiency. Its compact 60-degree V6 engine delivers brawn without the bulk.

The Big Tiller.

The optional center-mounted Big Tiller offers optimal control. A longer tiller grip incorporates a convenient power trim switch, the shift lever is close at hand, and an optional digital troll control adjusts engine speed as low as 700 rpm in 10-rpm increments.

Accessory Power.

A 60-amp (756-watt) belt-driven alternator keeps batteries charged to power electronics, lights, livewells and audio equipment.

Geared to Win.

The Torque Master II gearcase, available on select 225hp and 250hp Pro XS™ outboards, is designed specifically for performance bass boats. Its stout 1.25-inch prop shaft can handle the strain of running at an elevated mounting height. Patented front water pickups keep the engine running cool regardless of engine height. A cambered skeg improves handling and drivability.

  • Category:
  • HP / kW:
    250 / 184
  • Engine Type:
  • Displacement (L):
  • Full Throttle RPM:
  • Fuel Induction System:
    2-stage Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)
  • Alternator amp / Watt:
    60 amp / 756 watt (Belt-Driven)
  • Recommended Fuel:
    87% octane / up to 10% ethanol
  • Recommended Oil:
    Mercury OptiMax/DFI Outboard Oil
  • Engine Protection Operator Warning System:
    Low oil level, Over-rev, Overheat, SmartCraft Engine Guardian
  • Compatible with SmartCraft Digital Technology:
  • Controls:
    Remote Mechanical
  • Steering:
    Big Tiller Compatible, Remote
  • Shaft Length:
    25" / 635 mm, 30" / 762 mm
  • Gearcase Ratio:
  • Dry Weight *Lightest Model Available:
    505 lbs / 229 kg
  • CARB Star Rating:
  • Gearcase Options:
  • Counter Rotation:
  • Color:
    Phantom Black

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