Blue Water LED FAQs

Blue Water LED FAQs

Please refer to this page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Please define the Lifetime Limited Warranty?

We provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our LED's. If an LED fails, simply remove the strip and fill out the warranty request form. Print your warranty request and mail it in with your LED strip and your payment of $10 for processing and shipping.  Our warranty is offered to the original owner of the LED system. Second owners are not covered under the original purchase warranty.  Our warranty does not cover any LED strips that have been removed and re-installed.  Visible damage to a LED will void your warranty. Even in cases where visible damage is present, we will try to keep your replacement costs as low as possible.

Which light would you choose for a boat spotlight?

We offer a few options that can be used for a boat spotlight.  You could use our Cyber 400s for a long range spotlight.  Or you could use our CyberEye for a shorter very wide beam. You could also use our Cyberlite for idling in stump filled channels.  However, our suggested light would be the Cyber 400S. See video example below:

Can you provide a sample of the LED colors?

Please see LED color samples below.

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