Blue Water LED Accessories

Blue Water LED offers LED products for more than just boating applications. We also feature LED products for Trucks, Cars, ATVs, Off-Road, Houseboats, Pontoon Boats, Kayaks, Golf Carts, Public Safety, Motorcycles and more. Click below to explore our vast product offerings.

Blue Water LED PRO Staff

Professional anglers want the best gear to support their continued success. When they look to enhance their fishing experience at night, they look to Blue Water LED products to add light just where it's needed. Trust the Pros and go with Blue Water LEDs.



Extreme Pro X2 MotorGlow LED Lighting System

Extreme Pro Deck Light Single LED

Extreme Pro X2 Deck LED Lighting System

Extreme Pro X6 Deck LED Lighting System

Standard Boat Compartment LED Package

Pro Boat LED

Total Boat LED

Rod Locker LED Lighting Package

Elite Series LED Locker Lid Lights

Elite Series LED Locker Lid Light - Single Side

Deck LED Lighting - Front & Rear Deck

Night Blaster Deck Lighting LED System

Ultimate Deck LED Lighting System

Deck LED Lighting - Front Deck

Quad Beam Livewell / Cooler LED Light Pair – Submersible

Small Space LED Lighting Pairs

Bow Lighting Kit -

High Output UV
Blacklight Kit

Low Impact UV
Blacklight Kit

UV Blacklight Kit for Crappie Fisherman

High Output UV Blacklight Individual

Low Impact UV Blacklight Individual

Trailer LED Lighting Kit – Submersible

Pro Trailer LED Lighting Kit – Submersible

Ultimate Trailer Kit – Submersible

CyberLite LED Pairs

CyberEye LED Lighting System

Cyber 200 LED Lighting System

Cyber 200 LED Lighting System Pair

Cyber 400 LED Lighting System

Cyber 400S LED Lighting System

Power Pole LED Lighting System


Rockdale Boat Mart has a large number of new and used boats and outboard motors in stock, and they provide repair services to keep your engine and motor running. If you have any questions about their services or the products they offer, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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